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Behavioral Support Specialist


Job Description:

The behavioral health support personnel will work and collaborate with the school counselor to provide one-on-one support, group skill development, and credit tracking. This will extend the school counseling mental health reach and provide the necessary manpower to provide in-depth counseling services and parental support.

The school counselor will train, monitor, and work with a behavioral health support specialist to identify high school students who are missing required graduation credits. They will monitor the behavior specialist as they work one-on-one with students, track progress in credit recovery options, provide group social-emotional classes, and collect and analyze data.

Identify and track disruptions by recording all incidents of school and class disruptions and updating and reviewing incident logs weekly to identify patterns and frequently involved students. They will then develop intervention strategies that include one-on-one counseling sessions for students frequently involved in disruptions, small group sessions focused on conflict resolution, anger management, and social skills, and track individualized behavior modification plans in collaboration with parents, teachers, and counselors.

Train teachers and staff in effective behavior management and conflict resolution techniques, and conduct workshops for parents to equip them with strategies to support positive behavior at home. They will hold regular check-ins with students to discuss progress and adjust intervention strategies as needed. And finally, review incident reports and behavioral data quarterly to assess the effectiveness of interventions and adjust the behavior management program based on data and feedback to ensure continuous improvement.


  • Licensed Teacher
  • Experience working with students with trauma, IEP's
  • Leading and facilitating group sessions
  • Supervisory experience
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Data management and tracking