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Executive Director


Fred Donaldson


Winter is here and are You Prepared?

Well as you have noticed this past week, winter is officially here and here to stay. I wanted to communicate our winter storm processes, so you can be prepared and stay informed if we ever need to cancel or delay school. This way you know what to expect and can make appropriate decisions based on the needs of your child.

When a storm comes, we will send out an email, text, and phone message about the storm and if we plan to delay, or even cancel school. This message will be sent out by 6 am. If you do not receive one of these communications during our first big snowstorms, then please contact the main office and make sure your contact information is up-to-date and correct. You can also check this information yourself by logging into your SIS account. Just click on the logins tab at the top of the website and click SIS. If you need help setting up your SIS account then click here for the tutorial.

We will also create a weather popup alert on your child’s program website. This popup alert will be the first thing you see when you enter the program website. Remember, we have a district website and program websites. There is a popup when you first enter the DaVinci website and it will ask you which program do you want to visit. Once you click your child’s program, you will see the weather alert popup. This alert will be posted on the program website by 6 am.

Managing stormy conditions is tricky, especially now that we have schools in Ogden and Kaysville. Last year, we sent different messages about the weather to our Kaysville location because the storm was much worse in Kaysville than in Ogden. We chose to delay school at that location and start Ogden locations at the normal time. We hope that our communication systems will keep parents informed and safe during these winter storms.

And as always, we hope parents feel empowered to make their own decisions about sending kids to school during these stormy conditions. Your situation may be different than others, so please feel free to make personal decisions based on family circumstances during these winter storms. And if you do decide to bring your child later or keep them home, please just remember to call the front office and excuse them.

We love serving your child and we are grateful for your continual partnership as we strive to give your child the competitive advantage they deserve.

Thank you for choosing DaVinci Academy.

Fred Donaldson
Executive Administrator
801-675-9538 cell
801-409-0708 office