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Executive Director


Fred Donaldson


Spring is Almost Here

With the weather changing and warming up, DaVinci Academy is also doing some spring cleaning and updating policies and practices to better support student learning. We have several updates we want to inform you about and get your support.

First, we would like to welcome our new assistant principal—Naomi Anson. Mrs. Anson is currently our 5th grade teacher at our elementary campus. She has done an amazing job over the last two years in teaching our 5th grade students. We are seeing the fruits of those labors now in the 7th grade.  Naomi has a been a preschool director, a middle school math teacher, and a professional development coordinator. She has a Master of Education in administration and supervision. We are excited for Naomi to join the secondary program and assist Mr. Post with many student support duties.

Second, we are updating school dress code and phone policies to keep students focused on learning and less on outside distractions. The dress code updates will be focused on safety issues like not allowing students to wear their hoodies in the school. Currently, we have several students who pull their hoods over their heads, thus making it difficult to know or identify that student as a DaVinci student. 

The phone or electronic device policy is being updated to empower all parents with necessary tools to help their child manage technology. Currently, we have students who use their technology in a way that is distracting them and others from learning. This inappropriate use of technology often leads to more cyberbullying, unauthorized pictures or videos, or a misuse of time on non-educational software. These inappropriate uses of technology need to stop for all students to succeed while at DaVinci Academy.

Currently, electronic devices like phones are allowed on the secondary campus but must be turned off or on silent and must be out of sight during class time from 8 am until 3 pm.  This has always been the policy, but we have not enforced it consistently. With the hire of a new assistant principal, we feel will have enough manpower to adequately monitor and enforce the current electronic device policy. We are also offering parents a free phone monitoring app that will allow them to proactively teach their child how to properly manage their technology while at school.  This app is free for the whole family and can be accessed on our website under the district information tab. Or you can click on this link to access the free phone monitoring app

We hope these spring refinements will enhance the learning environment for all students and staff. We value our culture of learning, acceptance, and doing hard things. We appreciate your support and look forward to working with you to make DaVinci Academy even better.

We love serving your child and we are grateful for your continual partnership as we strive to give your child the competitive advantage they deserve.

Thank you for choosing DaVinci and enjoy your summer.

Fred Donaldson
Executive Administrator
801-675-9538 cell
801-409-0708 office