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Executive Director


Fred Donaldson


Welcome back!!!!

I am so excited for school being back in session. I love summer, but I love being with students even more. As we start this new school year, I always like to ask, “What has the greatest impact on student learning?”

The answer is parents and families. Now, I know teachers have the greatest impact on student learning in the classroom because they help create the classroom learning environment to meet the needs of students. However, parental involvement is off the chart when it comes to helping students become productive, successful community members.

So how can DaVinci best support parents in their vital roles of shaping and educating the rising generation? The first thing we can do is provide parents with good information and opportunities that will guide parents and students in the goal making process. Here at DaVinci you should be well informed of academic and non-academic opportunities for your child. The following resources can be great tools in staying informed of these student-focused learning opportunities.

·       Parent information tab on the DaVinci Website

·       Counseling resources on the DaVinci Website

·       Principal weekly updates

·       List of clubs and after school activities

·       Parent committees

·       Resume building activities

If you are unsure of any of these options, I invite you to contact your program’s principal to discuss these options in more detail. Or you can always call or email me. I would be happy to review any of these options for your child and find ways to take advantage of them.

We love serving your child and we are grateful for your continual partnership as we strive to give your child the competitive advantage they deserve.

Thank you for choosing DaVinci Academy.

Fred Donaldson
Executive Administrator
801-675-9538 cell
801-409-0708 office