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Executive Director


Fred Donaldson


How Are We Doing?

This year has flown by, as we have focused on our vision of providing a superior education to our students.  We are almost three quarters of the way through the school year. One more quarter left before summer break. As we reflect on our progress and growth, we are always open for feedback on how we can improve. Our improvement directly benefits your child since that is why we are in business: to provide your child with as many competitive advantages that will help them excel in any post education endeavors. Everything we do is to benefit students and this request for feedback is no different. We call this a growth mindset and no matter how the feedback comes in; we feel we can learn and grow from it to directly benefit your child.

We have climate surveys for parents, teachers, and students. We believe in transparency and will make all climate surveys available to parents before we give them to any student (see below). We are hoping that you will give us feedback on these climate surveys so we can best adapt to meet the needs of your child. Again, that is why we are in business, so any feedback on that mission will be greatly appreciated. The links below will take you to the different climate surveys we would like your feedback on. All survey data is confidential and anonymous.

Parent Climate Survey—2023 Climate Survey - Parent

Secondary Student Survey (for students in grades 7-12)

Elementary Student Survey (for students in grades 3-6)

Elementary Student Survey (for students in grades K-2)

We also would like feedback on how our counseling department is doing. These are our wonderful counselors that meet with all the parents and do the class schedules. They also meet with students and parents when needed to provide extra support if needed. Please give us some feedback on how we are doing in the counseling department.

Parent Counseling Service Survey

Again, we appreciate you taking the time to help us provide an even better education for your child.

Thank you for choosing DaVinci.

Fred Donaldson
Executive Administrator
801-675-9538 cell
801-409-0708 office