Core Values

At our core, we are committed to our DaVinci values.  It is by the application of these values that we create our school culture of family, high expectations, rigor and creative innovation!

COLLABORATION Collaborating will helpme develop the necessary skills to learn from others and work effectively with others for a common goal.
Communicating effectively will teach me to articulate my ideas and appreciate the ideas of others. COMMUNICATION
CITIZENSHIP Contributing to my community and acting in an ethical and responsible way will help me become a good citizen.
Contemplating my own ideas and processes of thinking will allow me to form opinions basesd on and supported by my own analyses, evaluations, and reflections. CONTEMPLATION
COMPETITIVENESS We have the confidence to compete when success is not assured.
We hunger to know more, and remain committed to continuous learning. CURISOSITY
CREATIVITY We encourage and reward innovation
We activly look for way to uplift and inspire. COMPASSION
CONSERVATION We plan and prepare to preserve our resources through actions and education.