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IT and Ed Tech Services

The Technology Mission, Vision and Philosophy inherit from the DaVinci Academy's core Mission Vision and Philosphy.

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Nic Cabezas
IT - 7-12th


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Middle D/ Distance

Technology Mission Statement

Understanding and using technology as an authentic tool to increase teaching efficiency and to increase student engagement.  


Technology Vision

In the K-6 building, we see students using computers proficiently--typing, navigating, distinguishing and understanding the usefulness of different devices beginning programming concepts being applied, LMS familiarity, and applying digital citizenship.  In a middle school building, we see students using technology proficiently with the above description plus professional classroom tools, organized cloud space, submitting work online, monitor learning progress via online tools, using technology to solve problems efficiently, mastering and using intermediate programming skills to prepare for advanced programs.  In the 7-12 building, we would see all of the above plus students entering strategic pathways in technology that prepares for future jobs, or using their own initiative to use technology to demonstrate learning which will improve their job skills to be more competitive in the 21st century workforce.  

Whether or not students have access at home, DaVinci will insure that students learn these technology skills, to meet and exceed these technology standards.


Technology Philosophy and Policy

The primary purpose of the integration of technology is to improve student learning and to open up more equal access to technology for all. The purchase of hardware and software and the implementation of network systems, Data Services and online intranet / internet web technologies are for the purpose of supporting the staff and student use of technology and facilitating the incorporation of technology into the regular instructional program and the staff’s day to day activities. The completion of the technology plan is the first step.


It is very important to remember that technology should never be an “means to the end”.  Technology is not something that will fix a problem, rather it is a supplement to what needs to take place in the school and in society.  Many components are needed to fix a problem, technology is one of them.  It is important to allocate the correct amount of technology resources at the school.


The technology plan should be part of the district plan, the school improvement plans, and all individual professional development plans. Technology should not be a goal in and of itself, but a tool to assist us to accomplish our short-term and long- term instructional goals. Our computer, network, data and web use must continue to evolve from infrequent use for drill and practice to full-time use that supports inquiry-based, project-based, and collaborative learning projects on any device and at any time.


Administrative use of technology should be for the express purpose of improving efficiency, reducing cost, data acquisitions, assessments, curriculum creation and supporting instructional improvement. In addition, particular to DaVinci Academy, technology use needs to be compatible between DaVinci Academy and the Utah State Board of Education as well as other entities that might require collaboration in all regular day work areas where work needs to be a cooperative manner. Technology at Davinci needs to conform to the FERPA laws and CIPA laws where it is applicable.  Partnering with online services that sell student information to 3rd parties is prohibited.


Technology holds the greatest potential for significantly improving student learning. 

The principles must ensure that technology is incorporated in all school improvement plans and is part of the teacher evaluation process. Adequate and sustained training is a necessary prerequisite to the expectation of increased and effective staff utilization.

The Information & Technology department will serve as a primary resource to the educators.

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