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Survey: Sub Training 2021-2022


Please read through the steps listed below before taking the survey. These steps will help you know what to do while substituting at DaVinci Academy.

  1. Park in the parking garage off of Lincoln and enter through the cafeteria
  2. Check in at the front office if you don't know which room you are in otherwise just check in to pick up your temporary Sub ID.
  3. The teacher next door can open your door.
  4. You find a folder labeled as sub folder
  5. This sub folder will contain:
    1. Roster
    2. Seating charts
    3. Daily schedule
    4. Sub plans
    5. School and class rules--cell phones, hall procedures etc.
    6. Numbers to call if you need help
  6. Please read through this sub tech training
  7. If you need assistance please call the front office at 0720 for help.
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