Staff Profile

Deb Neal
STEM and Community Outreach
Faculty - Secondary Program
DaVinci Elementary Program - District

Deb Neal has been involved with DaVinci since the beginning.

She helped organize and create the programs that we now call DaVinci with some local parents and community members that wanted to make a difference in students lives all those years ago. There were many great discussions in her own living room on how a charter school in Ogden could be a viable resource in the lives of students in the Ogden area. Her own daughter was in the very first Sophomore class.

She grew up on the East end of Long Island in New York on the water, always amazed by the bounty of nature. She received her AAS in Recreational Land Management, BS in Environmental Sciences and received endorsements to teach secondary science, middle school science and administration. 

She had a previous life with the National Park Service, Environmental Protection Agency and Air Force as an Environmental Scientist and working in historic preservation. This fueled her drive to work with students and encourage a love of science phenomenon. She taught middle school science at St. Joseph Catholic school for six years and has been at DaVinci for the past nine, five in the classroom and four as a Director, she has no immediate plans on retirement. 

Her current position as Director of STEM Education and Community Outreach has allowed her to to find, develop and nurture programs and activities for all of our K-12 students.

She has a tremendous amount of energy and drive to see everyone succeed. She loves the impact she is making in students lives and helping them embrace all they can be.