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How DaVinci is using solar energy to be more sustainable

Energy Savings Monitor


DaVinci Academy of Arts and Science would like to express our
appreciation to the Blue Sky program supporters for their contribution
of $163,800 to help us receive our 66.3 KW solar power system. Solar
power now generates 15% of the Schools annual power usage through
generating over 90,000 Kilowatt hours annually. We are also grateful to
have reduced our carbon foot print to help improve air quality.

From the reduction of fossil fuel power supplying the school’s annual
kilowatt hours, CO2 emissions over the next 25 years will be reduced by
over 5 million pounds of CO2 and 23,000 pounds of NoX and SoX plus 750
pounds of particulates that can both cause and inflame asthma symptoms.
From an economic view, power costs for the School will be reduced by
$3,600 annually to begin, and will save the school over $180,000 in
electric bills over the module warranty period of 25 years. That is more
money to improve the quality of education for our students into the

We would like to encourage parents of our students to join the Blue Sky
supporters through Rocky Mountain Power, It's only $3 per month added to
the electric bill, so more funds can be available in the future for
grants to more non-profits and schools every year to aid them to adopt
adopt solar as well.


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