Message from the CEO

Executive Director

Fred Donaldson
Executive Director

Invest in yourself and quadruple your returns

In the financial world, an investment is taking something of value like money and investing it or giving it to someone or something to increase the amount of it. That returned depends on the skill, experience, market factors, and expertise of the investor. In the educational world there is a different type of investment that if done consistently will yield double, triple, and quadruple plus returns. It’s called investing in yourself. So how does an individual such as a student at DaVinci Academy invest in himself or herself?

Unlike financial investments, students at DaVinci must put in the time, effort, and practice for the investment to produce the quadruple plus results. These investments are small daily actions that if done consistently over time will produce the quadruple plus returns. Efforts such as taking notes in class, then reviewing them each night for 5 to 10 minutes can enhance long-term storage of key ideas and information. Students can also develop critical thinking skills such as summarizing by practicing daily summaries of notes taken in class. This small practice can increase comprehension and analytic skills needed in every post-secondary institution and career. Imagine what a competitive advantage you would have if you practiced just your note-taking skills such as reviewing or summarizing for 5 to 10 minutes a night.

Students can also practice key time-management skills by using a daily tracker or calendar to plan their day. They can then use this tracker or calendar to manage daily tasks and ensure that time is allocated for its completion and make needed adjustments if needed. Efficiency is a valued skill by all employers because it saves time and resources, which in the long run improves the competitiveness of the company. Who wouldn’t pay more for that type of employee?

Not only do students benefit from the long-term investments, but they also benefit from the increased self-esteem and self-efficacy, which are short-term byproducts of investing in yourself. At DaVinci Academy, we understand the importance of these investments and the huge returns students gain by these simple daily investments. DaVinci is uniquely organized to provide the time and support for students to invest in themselves. And the best thing about DaVinci is our ability to persuade students to put in the effort to invest in themselves. I believe this is why parents and students choose DaVinci Academy when seeking quadruple plus returns on the safest investment ever—yourself.


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