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Executive Administrator

Executive Administrator

Fred Donaldson
Executive Administrator

The longer I work in education the more I realize how powerful an influence parents have on their children. In fact, a lot of research has indicated that positive parental support is one of the greatest impacts on student achievement.   So how can we (DaVinci administrators and teachers) help support parents have more positived interactions with their children about school and learning?

One thing we are doing is creating standardized process at the school that facilitate positive parental involvement. For example, all teachers are required to update Canvas calendar with any assighment that as a due date in the upcoming week. Since this process is standardized, parents can easily locate the assignments for the upcoming week and help their child calendar time to get these assignments done. Parents can then set Canvas notifications to allow for daily or weekly notifications on upcoming assignments which will allow them to engage in positive interactions about the assignment.  Parents can then reinforce the positive attributes of hard work, diligence, calendaring, self-monitoring, etc. that their child used to finish the assignment.

Here is a link to our website page that has several more of the these standardized process that can increase parental involvement.  Technology Parent Training Videos

Currently, I have several parents of all school ages served at DaVinci meet once a month to review and give feedback on these standardized process. I then use this feedback to help refine or implement these ideas to create standardized process to further facilitate positive parental involvement. If you would like to participate on this parent committtee then just email me (fred.donaldson@davinciacademy.org).  We meet the third Thursday of the month at 3:45 in the boardroom at Big DaVinci.  You can always phone in during the meeting or email any ideas that we can discuss if you can't make it.  So come and get involved.

We will also be starting a collaborative parenting group class that will focus on tips and tricks in dealing with kids. So if you are interested in this collaborative class then please email me. Here is the link to the free online course material that we will be using.  Click Here to access Glen Latham's book, "The Power of Positive Parenting"


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