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Last Updated: 4/12/2021 12:48 AM

Intent to Return Notifications for next school year (2021-2022) for returning students

All students wishing to attend DaVinci Academy must fill out an application/enrollment paperwork for the year in which the wish to attend. Once the application/enrollment packet is completed and submitted, you will be contacted by a DaVinci staff member to set up a time to meet with the program principal for which you applied. After that meeting you will be notified of acceptance or if you are on the waiting list. Once accepted, you will be able to register for classes online.  

Each year DaVinci Academy accepts around 150 to 200 new students. These numbers include new kindergarteners, seventh graders, and other open positions for all grades. Our school calendar starts in August with accepted students registering for classes the second week in August.

We accept students through the year and use a wait list to accept students who are still interested in attending DaVinci. Students wishing to transfer to DaVinci need to fill out the online application and get all required paperwork in to the main office. Once that has been taken care of then you will be added to the wait list. 

DaVinci is a public school and follows all local, state, and federal fee policies. If you would like to see what fees apply then please click on "Fees". Our charter information can be found by clicking on "Charter Information".



Registration links for accepted students for the current school year (2020-2021)--please use the registration links below to register. 


Applying/Enrolling for the 2021-2022 School Year


You can also open up the online enrollment packet that corresponds to your child's program and print it. Downloaded enrollment packets must be filled out manually and then turned into the front office of the school program for which you are wishing to apply/enroll. Online enrollment packets are automatically emailed to you and the front office of the school program for which you are applying.


Registration links for accepted students for the upcoming school year (2021-2022)--Coming in August