Committee Meeting Times and Descriptions

Last Updated: 9/4/2020 6:42 PM


Board Committees


  • POLICY AND GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE: Ensure that board policy is up to date and being followed.    Meets when necessary.
  • EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Meet with Executive Administrator to measure school progress. Meets the Thursday before the first Monday of the month at 6 pm.
  • FINANCE COMMITTEE: Responsible for financial oversight for school. Meets the Thursday before the first Monday of the month at 9:00 pm in the boardroom.
  • STRATEGIC PLANNING COMMITTEE: Responsible for creating strategic plans to meet DaVinci Academy’s mission and vision. Meets when necessary.


School Committees


  • CURRICULUM COMMITTEE: Ensures the academic policy is aligned with the mission and strategic goals of the school. Oversee adaptation of project-based learning and professional development. TBD when this committee meets.
  • FACILITY AND SAFETY COMMITTEE: Responsible for all facility needs and resolve safety concerns related to the operation of the school. TBD when this committee meets.
  • LAND TRUST COUNCIL: Responsible for the annual creation of a land trust plan and monitoring of land trust Funds. TBD when this committee meets.
  • MARKETING COMMITTEE: Responsible for marketing, public relations, internship programs and fundraising programs. TBD when this committee meets.
  • TITLE I COMMITTEE: Responsible for school-wide title I plan along with creation of school compact. TBD when this committee meets.
  • TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE: Responsible for updating our technology plan and measuring our progress towards technology goals. TBD when this committee meets.
  • WELLNESS COMMITTEE: reviews and assesses school nutrition. TBD when this committee meets.
  • PTSO (Parent Teacher Student Organization): Responsible for coordinating school fundraisers and community events for DaVinci Academy. Meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month at Big Davinci at 7:00 pm on the 3rd-floor commons.
  • FACULTY CAUCUS COMMITTEE: Responsible for deciding what teacher issues should be heard by the board. Meets when necessary.


Board Committees: (Board member chairs it)


Executive Committee: Sally Shigley, Charlie Ewert, Leah Murray

Finance Committee, Trish Olsen, Fred Donaldson, Casey Holmes

Governance Policy Committee: Chris Crockett, Fred Donaldson, Leah Murray

Strategic Planning Committee: Patricia Olsen, Fred Donaldson, Leah Murray


School Committees: (Board Members can chair or have school employee chair it)


Curriculum: Fred Donaldson, Sally Shigley, Staff, and Parents

Marketing: Fred Donaldson, Leah Murray, Staff, and Parents

Facility and Safety: Fred Donaldson, Staff, and Parents

Faculty Caucus: Faculty Rep. (Paul Goggi--Secondary and Mattison Shutt--Elementary) Land Trust: Elected Rep. TBD

PTSO: President Stacie Whitford

Title 1: Parent Rep TBD

Technology: Garen Kidd, Fred Donaldson, Staff, and Parents