DaVinci Academy's Progress


How are we doing?

When comparing DaVinci Academy's academic progress, we must take into account the whole picture not just a snapshot.  Currently DaVinci Secondary is ranked in the 71st percentile (based on school rankings 2019), which means our secondary program or high school is doing better than 71% of other schools in Utah. Student learning is a marathon, not a sprint. Below is a 3-year review of how DaVinci Academy has done on SAGE testing between the years of 2016-2018. This 3-year review gives you an idea of how we are doing in each grade level before the SAGE test was replaced. We don't have enough data on the new Rise Aspire Plus assessments to give a longitudinal view of how our students are performing when compared to the State of Utah.  However, the most important data is the 5-year ACT College Readiness Scores (see below). This ACT data shows a consistent upward trend, proving that even though kids come to DaVinci low in math, reading, or analytical skills, when they leave DaVinci Academy, they are more prepared for college or career opportunities. 


ELA Progress over 3 years (2016-2018) Compared to the State

ELA SAGE 3-year Data

Let’s track our most recent graduates, the Class of 2020. You see consistent growth as they move from middle school into high school in their language arts scores. Even if we start with students below the state average, over time, we push them toward success. Our long-term commitment to improving literacy and getting extra support to the kids who need it gets us from two points behind the average, to eight points ahead, in three years.

ELA enhanced

5-year ACT ELA enhanced

5-year ACT Reading

Science Progress over 3 years (2016-2018) Compared to the State

Science 3-year SAGE Data

Our science scores show students achieving at levels above state averages, even as they move into the more challenging high school courses. 

Science Enhanced

5-year ACT Science Enhanced


As you review our math data, please keep in mind our long-term goal of College or Career Readiness and that we actively recruit kids low in math.

Math Progress over 3 years (2016-2018) Compared to the State

Math 3-year SAGE Data

Even if our middle grades on SAGE showed lower performance from 8th-10th grade on math than the state average, our ACT results show that our long-term focus has paid off. Looking Below, you see we now exceed the state averages in math readiness on the ACT. 

math Enhanced


5-year ACT enhanced


ACT Scores over 5 years Compared to the State (2015-2019)

ACT 5-year ACT Data


Disaggregated Data

SES Data


IEP Data