DaVinci Reopening Plans

Last Updated: 8/3/2020 8:36 PM

Reopening Purpose, Procedures, & School Learning Options



Create a learning environment that reduces the transmission of COVID-19 and protects the most vulnerable. Together we can accomplish this goal.


Please click on the school program your child attends to find the school reopening processes.


Distance Elementary and Junior High--Jesslynn Anderson (Principal) Jesslynn.Anderson@DaVinciAcademy.org--801-409-0735


Onsite Elementary or Middle D--Erika Kortman (Principal) Erika.Kortman@DaVinciAcademy.org--801-409-0734


Secondary Program or Big D--Simon Post (Principal) Simon.Post@DaVinciAcademy.org--801-409-0671

School Learning Options:

As we plan to reopen in August, I would like to give you some insight into what we are doing to keep school open as normal, while at the same time reduce the spread of COVID-19. This is not an easy task and with your help, I am confident we can accomplish such a tall order.

As of now, we are planning for multiple educational options to meet the needs of students and State requirements.  Here are the options our teachers will be prepared for:

  1. Option 1—Kids return to school as normal with extra precautions (see mitigating actions)  This is the new Monday-Thursday and Friday virtual schedule
  2. Option 2—Hybrid schedule where kids come to school every other day with extra precautions (see mitigating actions)—This would be implemented only if the State mandates it due to State phased guidelines for education, or it could be a flexible schedule based on student needs (please talk to your school principal for more information)
  3. Option 3—if needed, provide online education to students—This option would be for students who fall into a high-risk category and choose this option, or for students with exigent circumstances and choose this option, or if the State-mandated such measures based on phased guidelines.


All these options will allow us to provide a top-notch education while at the same time help reduce the spread of COVID-19.  These options also allow for accommodating schedules for students who have a higher risk of the negative effects of COVID-19.  Each principal will be sending out a brief survey that will help parents and students self-identify if they fall into a high-risk category and need a flexible schedule accommodation.

We also plan to put together some training or steps that parents and students can take at school or home to reduce their chances of infection or spreading it to others.  We will call these steps mitigating actions. Here are the mitigating actions parents and students can take to help reduce their chance of infection or spreading COVID-19:

  1. Wearing masks in high congestion areas—masks help protect others by reducing the #1 COVID preference for transmission—person-to-person droplets
  2. Wash hands frequently and avoid touching one’s face as much as possible
  3. Limiting group size
  4. Disinfect high-used surface areas frequently and effectively—door handles, tables, equipment, restrooms, etc.
  5. Self-monitor health by staying home if you feel sick or show symptoms of COVID-19. We would really like to have parents or students screen themselves like checking their temperature at home before coming to school.
  6. Spacing students to allow for as much social distancing as possible in the classrooms, cafeteria, open spaces, or at recess to limit congested areas.
  7. Use effective quarantine strategies to limit contact between people that are sick.

Each school principal will develop specific plans for their school program with these mitigating actions in mind to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in order to keep school open as much as possible.  I am confident that with your help in applying many of these mitigating strategies based on school location needs; we will meet our goal to reduce the spread of COVID-19 or other infectious diseases in order to keep DaVinci Academy open as explained in option #1.