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Last Updated: 4/21/2020 11:14 PM


April 20th, 2020


Hello, Davinci Elementary Parents and Students.


I wanted to take a moment to share some updates on our distance learning. First and foremost, a huge THANK YOU to all the parents, grandparents and many more adults who have been juggling the many needs of your family all while supporting your student’s learning. This is not an easy task and I can’t thank you enough for your patience, kindness and hard work! Students, I see all the time you are spending by completing your assignments, meeting with your teachers, and doing the best work that you can do. Keep being AMAZING! Additionally, every single staff member at DaVinci greatly misses your child and we look forward to the moment we get to see each other in person! 


As we continue our virtual learning, please continue to work with your child’s teacher to ensure we are providing you the support you need to help your child find success in their distant learning. Here are a few updates that will hopefully shed some light at the end of this virtual learning tunnel. Starting May 15, no NEW coursework will be assigned in Google Classroom. After May 15th, students can use this time to work closely with their teacher to catch up on any missing assignments. We will also use this time to begin collecting laptops, getting student materials that were left at school returned to you, and implementing creative solutions to our end-of-year celebrations. 


As we look to the end of the year celebrations, we are in the process of brainstorming and planning solutions to ensure our 6th graders and kinder students get to experience some form of graduation. Our hope is to conduct ceremonies as close to normal as possible, however, this all depends on social distancing guidelines. I will keep you all updated on the status of these decisions as they become finalized.


Also, as a reminder, you may purchase a school yearbook for your child via the link below. Treering will ship the yearbook directly to your house. We had adjusted the cost of the yearbook so you do not have to pay shipping. 


The website to order our yearbook is https://www.treering.com/validate


Our schools PassCode=101410292366527


If you have further questions about the yearbook please reach out to Ms. Ryann at ryann.largent@davinciacademy.org 


Again, I want to thank you for your dedication to your child’s schooling during these unique times. Myself and all of the teachers at Middle Davinci are focused on supporting you and your student. Please continue to stay safe and healthy, and please give your Little Dragon a big hug from us all.



Erika Kortman

Elementary Principal





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