DaVinci Charter Agreement

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DaVinci Academy Board Bylaws


DaVinci Academy of Science and the Arts
Est. September 15, 2003


Mission Statement:


The DaVinci Academy of Science and the Arts is dedicated to developing competent, inventive, ethical, and divergent thinkers who are able to apply their knowledge, skills, leadership and problem-solving abilities to become productive citizens of the dynamic world.

We offer programs that promote enthusiasm, exploration, and academic excellence in an interdisciplinary curriculum that involves real-world experience and application.

We serve as a laboratory school to examine and develop new methods and materials in curriculum innovation/reform, including, but not limited to, traditional, online, and distance educational programs.We serve as a model for private sector/public education partnership, including mentor and internship opportunities.



To create an academic institution where students can learn, develop their talents, acquire appropriate social and cognitive skills, master all their academic goals, and be prepared for any college or career.


Comprehensive Program of Instruction




The philosophy of DaVinci Academy of Science and the Arts is based upon enduring principles of education and serves to guide the policies, procedures and practices, which govern the operation of the school.


It is the obligation of the school to be responsive and accountable to the community, which in turn will provide necessary support and resources. A challenging and effective program should be the result of a collaborative effort of the professional staff, parents, students and community stakeholders. We believe it is the responsibility of the school to:

Provide a stimulating and challenging environment that encourages and refines critical thinking processes.

Nurture an appreciation for math and sciences and their applicability to real world work environments.

Instill a great sense of social responsibility, ethical judgment, professionalism and teamwork in each student.

Maintain small class sizes to ensure that every student has the ability to interact with the teacher and other students in a positive and constructive way.

Provide an environment that is amenable to parental involvement in all aspects of their child's education.

Provide an environment in which students can closely interact with industry leaders and innovators while applying skills learned in class.

Provide a quality education alternative to families, regardless of their income level, race, religion or abilities.


DaVinci Academy of Science and the Arts will implement a curriculum that complies with all state requirements in serving a school population of grades K-12. The Utah State Core Curriculum will serve as the foundation of the subjects taught and provide a minimum basis for academic requirements for advancement and graduation. DASA will provide students with a solid liberal arts foundation in addition to a rigorous curriculum of science and math.

The school’s curriculum and student expectations will exceed the standards of the Utah State Core Curriculum. Students will participate in all accountability testing and other required state accountability and recording requirements.  School curricula will be taught with the student in mind, meaning that teachers and administrators will continuously apply the most effective teaching methodologies and strategies to increase student engagement, which will allow for a more meaningful, hands-on, real-world experience for students.  This emphasis will culminate in the student’s senior projects, which will be a focused research project in an area of interest for the student.

We recognize that not all students will be prepared to take advanced or even grade-level courses; therefore, intensive academic assistance, tutoring and courses will be offered to those students requiring remediation.



Each student will participate in an interdisciplinary-focused approach to learning. Students will develop critical thinking skills, as well as applying science, technology, language arts, engineering, arts, and math to allow them to connect in school, local, and global communities. Students also use the scientific method and the engineering cycle to effectively research, evaluate, and report findings through hands-on experiments and activities in and out of the classroom. Programs will be offered to encourage students to explore college, technical, and/or certificate programs leading to advanced careers.  All high school students will be required to have four years of science to graduate from DaVinci Academy.  



The teaching of technology will be an integral part of each grade-level curriculum. Students will learn basic skills in computer science at each grade level that will serve as a foundation of basic technology concepts that will prepare them for more advanced-placement courses in institutions of higher learning or in our community. Students will also be proficient in the application of technology to enhance learning or understanding of core concepts in any career, field of study, or institutions of higher learning.  



DaVinci Academy offers a wide variety of advanced and intermediate courses in the visual and performing arts including but not limited to: 2D Art, 3D Art, Instrumental Music, Choral Music, Film, Photography and Theatre Arts. Incorporated into these curricula are innovative training methods that enhance the classroom experience. We provide an essential focus on emerging trends within the fields of art. Collaboration across disciplines is also essential to the success of the program, by partnering between areas of the various arts as well as with other core classes such as English, math, technology, chemistry, physics and history. 



The mathematics curriculum will be comprehensive, which will include the study of algebra, geometry, and topics in discrete mathematics, trigonometry, culminating with AP calculus. The sequence of topics will be designed to provide the mathematics required for successful completion of parallel science coursework. A full range of electives will be provided. Extensive use of mathematical tools will be included throughout the basic sequence of courses. All high school students will be required to have four years of mathematics to graduate from DaVinci Academy.   


Math Remediation

DaVinci Academy of Science and the Art’s objective is to educate a diverse student body with varying abilities and backgrounds. Recruitment will be intensive for low to moderate-income families of Ogden City/Weber County, and to the children whose families do not have the economic means to exercise a choice in education for their children. Many of these children may not have obtained the skills to perform at an academic level that will allow them to enter DASA at an Algebra I level. Therefore, we will provide them with the tools to be successful students, regardless of their previous educational attainment. It is our belief that all children have the capacity to succeed, if given a fair chance and necessary tools.

College and Career Readiness
All students in DASA will be expected to participate in programs that help them explore different careers, both professional and technical.  DASA staff will act as mentors to students as they participate in these different career exploration programs.   Students will also be responsible to participate in community based activities that will help them become engaged in the community.   Through this process, students will be exposed to experts in those career fields who are accomplished scientists, engineers and other professionals.


Monitoring of Instruction

Along with the traditional forms of monitoring instruction--such as report cards, parent teacher conferences, baseline and benchmark milestones—DaVinci Academy will take a proactive approach in working with parents to disseminate information regarding student progress.  School-wide procedures will be created and implemented that emphasize this proactive approach.  


Special Education / Remediation

The DaVinci Academy of Science and the Arts will maintain a special education department, as needed, to address the needs of children who require special education or remediation. As with any public school, the school will comply with all state and federal special education laws to ensure all students succeed both academically and socially. The school and the special education department will work directly with parents of special education children to properly address the individual disability challenges each child faces.


DASA has the responsibility to provide a free public education regardless of the child’s race, creed, gender, disability, color, religion, and national origin.



(What, How, Target)


  1. Improve student learning
    • Accountability assessments-- Average to Commendable on student growth in 2019 
      • All students, who have attended DaVinci Academy for at least 160 days of the 180 day school calendar, will show progress on state accountability exams at the end of each academic school year.
      • All Students struggling in math and reading will progress two to three grade-levels each year on school benchmarks
  2. Parental involvement
    • Tracking sheets for each program-- 60% of parents meeting parental involvement requirements
      • We will create and update policies and procedures that will facilitate parental involvement in establishing school policies, assisting in academic projects, and extracurricular activities.  
      • 60% of parents will meet required number of service hours each school year as set in school policy
  3. Class sizes--95% of all classes have less than 25 kids and all core classes have less than 25 kids
  • Master Schedule maintain small class sizes in all core subjects at 25 students for each academic school year.
    • 90% of core classes have 25 students or less
  1. Science credits--100% of all graduating seniors have 4 years of science—92% graduation rate
  • Student transcript
    • 100% of all graduating seniors will meet Davinci Academy’s graduation requirement of 4 years of science credits
  1. Student technology literacy--Technology literacy Inventory was given twice a year and goal of 90% technology literacy being met
    • Student technology literacy inventory
      • 100% of teachers giving technology inventories
    • 90% of students at each grade-level demonstrating technology literacy
  2. College and Career Readiness-- 25% of seniors college-ready based on ACT composite scores, 90% of seniors demonstrating competitive job skills
    • College readiness exams
      • 70% of all graduating seniors will demonstrate college readiness by Dec. 1 of their 12th-grade year