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Board Training Document

I. Finances

A. Financial Summary      Watch Video Here



          1. Budget Summary

2. Transaction Breakdown

3. Financial Ratios

a) Debt-Service Coverage

(1) Net Income / Debt Service

(2) Example Click Here

b) Operating Margin

(1) Total Revenue – Total Expenses / Total Revenue

(2) Example Click Here

c) Building Cost % of Budget

(1) Building Cost / Total Expenses

(2) Example Click Here

d) Days Cash on Hand

(1) Total Expenses / 365 = Per Day Then Total Cash / Per Day

(2) Example Click Here

4. Expense vs. Revenue


  B. Budget Detail      Watch Video Here

         1.  YTD (Year To Date)

          2.  Approved Budget

          3.  Forecast Budget

          4.  % of Target (# of months completed / 12)

          5.  % of Forecast (YTD / Forecast budget)


II. Required Trainings

    A. Open Public Meeting Law

III. Executive Administrator Evaluation

IV. Governance and Policies

    A. Committee Structure

    B. Board Meetings

V. Timelines

    A. Approve Next Year’s Calendar

    B. Approve Specific Policies

        1. Fee Waiver Policy

        2. School Fees

        3. Bond Covenants and Bond Notifications

    C. Approve Staff

        1. See Staff Chart







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