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October 17 Safety Meeting Summary

October 17 Safety Meeting Summary

We met with Lee Clark with Vectra Management Group (the company that manages the blue parking spaces between little and middle DaVinci). The committee discussed the dropoff and pickup map below. The main problem is that the blue parking spaces are leased to Teleperformance and until we get their permission or contract with teleperformance for access rights, we can't legally block or make the 22nd street an exit only. We also can't block off the last two parking spaces in the blue parking lot for exiting vehicles. I am working with Lee Clark to see if we can make these contractual accommodations.  

We also agreed that if parents would stagger their pickup times, it would reduce the amount of traffic in the area and one particular time. So if you don't have to pick your child up by 3:15, then come at 3:30.  

pick-up and dropoff map


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