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October 16, 2017 Curriculum Meeting Summary

October 16, 2017 Curriculum Meeting Summary
I just wanted to keep everyone in the loop of what we discussed yesterday at our curriculum meeting. Our discussion topic was: Do any of our current policies or procedures disincentivize students from enrolling in early college/tech certificate programs/AP classes?  
We reviewed our student assessment policy (202) which can be accessed on the website (the link is below). We looked at this policy because it is the procedure for selecting the valedictorian and salutatorian. Currently, this policy weights the classes for students in the top 15%. The problem may arise when students are taking different courses like early college or AP classes and equal weights are given to both. Early college courses are usually a semester and AP courses are usually a full year.  This same scenario could happen with classes at the tech college as well.
We discussed that we want kids taking college classes on campus because it can have a highly positive impact on them continuing their higher education. We also discussed that AP courses may be a better fit for some of our students who are trying to go to more ivy league schools.
These discussions ended with a desire to research rankings and do they really matter. In other words, the committee discussed not weighting the top 15% GPA's and just having a 4-point scale.  Jen volunteered along with me to research ranking and the value of it for our students. 
The committee then discussed the consequences at the school with no ranking and several questions came up. Would students take more rigorous AP courses if they were weighted the same as the regular classes? Or would students find it easier to get a 4.0 GPA by taking regular courses instead of AP-type courses?  I volunteered to look into these questions. 
Remember our goal is to motivate students to set them up so they will take higher ed courses after high school. This can come in many forms: Tech certificates, early college, AP courses, internships, etc.. Our goal is to promote all these wonderful opportunities for our students while at the same time not counteract our efforts with ineffective procedures or policies to motivate them to be successful at the next level. 
Our next meeting is Monday, November 20, which is the first day of our Thanksgiving break. I will tentatively plan it for that date, but if we decide to change it because of the break, I will let you know. Remember to check out the calendar on the website because all committee meetings are on it.

link to policy:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9lD1phOhDsud3VjOElsbzJUaG8

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