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Last Updated: 5/8/2020 5:48 AM

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Email sent to students on March 14

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Guidance through May 2020 

May 7, 2020


Now that we are getting to the last few weeks of the school year it is important that we take the time to properly check in student materials. I also need for students to come to the school to collect any belongings they may have and to clean out their lockers. This will also be a time for students/parents to pay any remaining fees owed to the school. Because of social distancing expectations we have built a schedule for when we would like you and your student to come in to the school. We will have families wait outside the school separated of course so we do not have large crowds in the main lobby. Also, for your safety and the safety of our staff we are asking that you please only bring your student(s) and yourself. We also ask that both you and your student(s) have face masks.

Some have asked if they are able to keep any of the books or computers that they have checked out for longer than the scheduled appointment to return school items. The answer is yes but you must call the front office and reschedule when to bring in the items that are checked out. If your student checked out a laptop and needs it beyond May 15th we urge you to call the front office so they are aware. All computers checked out during the school dismissal must be returned to the school no later than May 26. Parents I am sure you will have questions about this so please do not hesitate to call the front office or send me an email. 

I am linking in the schedule that we are asking you all to follow for student checkout 2020.

Student Checkout Schedule Spring 2020 

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Order a Yearbook

Yearbooks are still for sale in the front office. We will have a limited amount extra for sale due to the dismissal time. They are $55 and we will figure out a way to get them distributed.

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