Kinder End of Year Plans


End of Year Plans



Hello Parents and Students,


We are certainly disappointed that we cannot have our normal in-person celebrations for our amazing kindergartners, but we are hoping to make the best of it with these upcoming celebrations. If all goes well and we are able to return back to school in August, we will be doing a welcome to 1st Grade celebration on August 21st. We will have Mrs. Harris there to say good-bye and our 1st-grade teachers there to welcome them to 1st grade! As we get closer to that date, we will get you more details.


Beginning May 11th, Mrs. Harris will be delivering kinder diplomas and graduation caps for kids to decorate to your homes. If you are home when Mrs. Harris delivers, please remember to practice social distancing, and as much as Mrs. Harris would love to hug the kids, they need to remember to keep their space and give a nice big air hug!


On May 20th, Mrs. Harris will be posting and hosting virtual field day activities for the kids to participate in, and on May 21st, Mrs. Harris will be posting and hosting virtual yearbook signings and class parties. Please be on the lookout for more information from Mrs. Harris.


Lastly, on May 22nd, we will be doing sign up times for you to come and turn in any school laptops or materials and pick up any items that were left in the classroom. Mrs. Harris will be sending this information out to you. We will have a big graduation cap and a surprise hanging on the outside of the building for the kids to take a picture by. We will also be putting signs up along Grant Ave. to recognize each individual graduating kinder! Again, during this time, it will be essential to continue to practice social distancing guidelines to ensure you, your child, and our staff’s safety. When it is your scheduled time to come to school to drop off of materials or take a photo, please only bring yourself and your kinder student. Please keep any other kids or adults in the car or at home. 


Please remember that these plans are contingent upon the safety and health guidelines we are told to follow. Thanks for your continued dedication and time to your child’s distant learning. We look forward to celebrating with the kids!



Mrs. Kortman and Mrs. Harris