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Parents and Families,

  Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year. As new years begin, I always reflect on where we have come and what is new and exciting for the new school year. This year, I am lucky enough to be entering into my 6th year as Elementary Director, and I can't believe how quickly all of that time has flown by, but I am grateful for the lessons I learned, students I met, and the staff I worked with for each school year.

  This year brings another year of change and excitement as we finally break ground for our brand new student-designed playground. The construction will bring some challenges, but a wonderful, amazing, creative and NEW playground will be worth the challenges. Additionally, we are welcoming many new teachers to our team. Each teacher comes with a great personality and a wonderful teaching story. 

  Lastly, I am most excited about this year's theme and focus for the school year, which is Community Heroes and how each person has a story that matters. This program will enrich our students with community connections, learning about and celebrating each person's story and working to become our own community heroes. 

  Bring on the new memories, experiences and most importantly......FUN! 

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