DaVinci Academy begins to fill spots for the upcoming school year in January of each year. All enrollment packets that are completely filled out and turned in will be in the running. To be available for a spot you must have:

1.) Filled out your entire enrollment packet here.

2.) Submitted your immunization record and a copy of your birth certificate to our office manager Carla Deuel in person or by emailing at carla.deuel@davinciacademy.org or  faxing 801-334-8533.

3.) Attended a tour\informational meeting with one of our parent support team members. (Sign ups can be found here.)

If your student\s is selected you will receive an email from our office manager, Carla Deuel, to which you must respond within 24 hours in order to claim your spot. Once accepted you will be emailed information for your next steps and important dates to be aware of. 

If you have any additional enrollment questions, please reach our to Carla at carla.deuel@davinciacademy.org or 801-409-0673