Program Info K-5

This unique program is a hybrid between homeschool and public school, meaning students work on the curriculum at home and they also receive on-site instruction up to a day and a half a week. This Video gives a great overview of our program! 


  • The main on-site day is called, “Davinci Day,” and it is a full day of school.  During this time, students receive instruction in the areas of History, Science, P.E., and various elective classes. 
  • For the at-home instruction, families will choose Math, Language Arts, and two on-line supplements. Families have 30 days to determine that this curriculum is a good fit for their family. Many curriculum options are available and are listed under the “Curriculum” tab on the website.
  • Davinci also offers many supplemental resources available through the resource library, so students are welcome to check out a laptop for the school year if they are interested in this option. The resource library tab on the website lists the many options for checkout. A monthly newsletter is distributed via Facebook and the website so that parents are aware of how to supplement at home what the students are learning in class.
  • In addition to the on-site day, students have the option of attending another half day of “Specials Classes.” Students can participate in up to three hours of classes either in the morning or afternoon block. There are many classes from which to choose; the classes and the location of those options are listed under the “Location” tab on our website.
  • Our program recently added the option to attend outsourcing classes. The parents work directly with the company to attend Davinci group lessons. You can find our vendor’s information here:
  • A variety of educational field trips are offered every other Friday at a discounted price for parents to attend with their children. The entire family is welcome! Big events are also scheduled throughout the year that will allow our families time to get to know each other and build a sense of community.
  • Each family is assigned an educational specialist (ES) who is a certified teacher. Davinci is a public charter school, so meeting with the ES and monitoring students’ progress (benchmarking) are two requirements in maintaining educational funding. The ES will meet with each family face to face monthly as support throughout the school year, to review the selected curriculum and to set goals for the month. Students are benchmarked through an online assessment three times a year, and the results are viewed only by family members and the ES.  Students’ grades include curriculum progression, monthly meetings, and progress toward benchmarks.  
  • If you would like a tour, you can sign up here  


We do enroll all throughout the year and it is a lottery based enrollment. The packet must be complete to accept new students. And can be found here:    Copies of your student's birth certificate and immunizations can be sent to Carla Deuel at . 

Please let me know if you have any other questions,