Middle School

We are very excited to announce that Davinci Academy will be opening an individualized hybrid program for 7th & 8th grade starting in 2020-2021. Our program will promote creativity, individuality, and learning through an individualized approach.


Our Vision: “Create a collaborative partnership between parents and school that is parent-centered and student-focused where everyone learns, develops their talents, and acquires appropriate social and emotional skills to accomplish all of their academic and career goals.”

This program will be a continuation of all the things we currently offer in our K-6 Program:

  • A flexible and fluid educational model

  • Creating opportunities to foster a love of learning

  • Providing Curriculum

  • Project-based classes on-site

  • Outsourcing opportunities

  • Events


We will be expanding the vision to include elements of:

  • Academic rigor through a personalized education plan.

  • Mentoring to help students transfer ownership to help and begin taking responsibility for their own learning.

  • Community and service-based learning opportunities.

  • Student leadership opportunities including internships, student council, event planning, and peer mentoring, etc

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