Curriculum Grammar

Last Updated: 6/16/2020 6:03 PM

First Language Lessons

Grades 1st-4th & Remedial




  • User friendly (sort scripted lessons)

  • No prep time

  • Audio companion available for levels 1 & 2

  • Designed to go specifically with Writing with Ease & Spelling Workout

  • Classical literature used throughout

  • Good program to use prior to transitioning to IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing)


  • Grammar study can feel a bit intense for 1st grade

  • Some parents feel it is overly corrective because it demands students do it correctly before moving on (mastery based).

  • Parents must be present the entire time to catch mistakes and help them make corrections.

Spectrum Language Arts

Grades K-6th (Supplemental)




  • Low parent prep time

  • User friendly

  • Colorful pictures


  • Too much on a page for some students

  • Workbook style

JacKris Growing With Grammar

Grades 1st-6th




  • Independant

  • User-friendly


  • Workbook style can be boring for some

Fix It! Grammar (IEW)

Grades 3rd-6th




  • Scripted for parents

  • Uses real literature

  • Short lessons


  • Some basic prior grammar knowledge can help