Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 12/12/2019 5:58 PM

How much does this program cost?

We are a free public charter school. 

How do I apply?

Click here to Enroll (Submit copies of birth certificates and immunization records to Carla Deuel at

What if there is a curriculum I want to use that is not offered on your website?

We are always open to looking at new curriculums.  Please submit all special requests to your Educational Specialist. 

Can I use curriculum that isn't on your website that I purchase on my own?


Can I move levels in my curriculum?

Our school individualizes this program to fit your families needs. You can move levels as fast as you would like. 

How do you track progress?

We try to make this process as simple and quick as possible for our families. Each family is assigned an educational specialist (ES) who is a certified teacher. Once a month you will either meet with your ES or submit a digital form to them to show where you are in your curriculum. Students are benchmarked through an online assessment three times a year, and the results are viewed only by family members and the ES.  

Do I have to submit calendars or logs of what I do each day and what happens if I don't meet the goals I set with my ES? 

No, you do not submit calendars or logs of everything you do. Once a month your ES and you will make contact and you will discuss where your student\s are at and where you hope to be by next month. We are here to support each child individually. We know that goals sometimes have to be changed to accommodate specific needs that arise. We ask that you stay in regular contact with your educational specialist so that they can help you troubleshoot challenges as they arise and be aware of your student's progression.

 Do field trips cost money?

We get grants for a lot of our field trips for a very discounted rate. Many are free (or severely discounted) for enrolled students. There is usually a small cost for non-enrolled siblings and parents. 

 Can I bring my whole family on field trips?

Yes, the entire immediate family is invited.

 How does lunch work?

Lunch is typically split into K-3 and 4-6, depending on location. Parent's pack their child's lunch from home. (Ogden location does serve lunch if parents would like to use that option they can pay Carla at the front office.) 

How much is lunch in Ogden?

School lunch is offered at our Ogden location only, The cost is $2.60 per day and can be paid with cash or check at the office. You can also pay online here

Do I have to do specials day?

Specials day is optional. 

Do I have to attend Davinci Day?

Davinci Day is where we cover all of the science and history standards; therefore, we strongly recommend that students attend this day. As always we consider a family's specific needs in all situations. Speak to your ES if you have any concerns. 

When do I start the enrollment process for my new Kindergartener?

The application process will be in January.

Do we have to return the curriculum?

All non-consumable materials (teacher manuals and manipulatives) need to be returned when you are finished using them. Consumable items such as students manuals, etc. do not have to be returned. (Rule of thumb: If it has a Davinci barcode on the back, then it must be returned.)

Which subjects are required to do at home?

Families are only required to do Math and Language Arts at home. 

Do I have to do two online supplements?

No, all supplements are completely optional. 

How do I get my curriculum if I am a distant site?

 All locations will come to Ogden to pick-up their curriculum. 

Does your school provide a laptop?

Yes, we provide laptops for each student that requests one. 

When can I apply for the next school year?

In January. 

How does the lottery work? 

A lottery process is necessary when filed applications exceed the available admission openings. A waiting list will be generated by the lottery process, which is where completed student registration packets have been randomly drawn and assigned a numeric number based on the random drawing.  Random drawings occur on an as needed basis to ensure that all students wishing to enter DaVinci Academy have an opportunity to do so.  This waiting list is effective for the current school year only and will be re-generated yearly or on an as need basis.  

Do you enroll during the year?

Yes, we fill spots as soon as someone drops.

Can my student take outsourcing lessons from anywhere they want?

No, community partners must be contracted with. This process starts about 6 months prior to the beginning of each new school year. If you have a business you'd like to see our school contract with for next year have them fill out the form on our outsourcing page and return it to Preslee Cash at