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Last Updated: 9/17/2020 6:00 PM

This video gives a good overview of our school, and we are a project-based model in our middle school. 




Key Components: 

❖ Hands-on\project based classroom approach in order to encourage a life-long love of learning. 
❖ High-quality, academic, and social-emotional learning opportunities. 
❖ Mentoring
leadership opportunities, field trips, service learning, social activities, etc. 
❖Student-centered educational plans created in collaboration with parents
educational plans 
❖ Strong foundation for post-secondary opportunities


DaVinci Day: Students will be able to attend our “Davinci Day” twice a week. This project-based day includes classes such as History, Science, Math, Art, Skills for Success elective, and Language Arts. Ogden: Monday/Wednesday Kaysville: Tuesday/Thursday 9:00 AM-3:30 PM.

Take Home Challenges: Authentic learning projects will be developed in class and continued at home by individual students. These experiences will deepen students learning about the topic and give them a way to dive as deep as they want into the topic. Projects will be created in such a way that families can participate and work together if desired but not so complex that a student couldn’t do it on their own as well. 

Student Mentor: Mentors will meet face to face three times a year with students to discuss: 

❖ Current interests 
❖ Creation, revision and fulfillment 
of personal and academic goals 
❖ The build-out of the student’s passion 
❖ Connecting students to the best 
resources for their goals 
❖ Questions students have about 
❖ Parents may attend face to face meetings or have additional collaboration with mentors as often as they would like.


Monthly Outings: Students will be dropped off with our middle school team to experience a variety of physical education experiences such as: 

• Canoeing 

• Hiking 

• Star Gazing 

• Ropes Course 

• Skiing/Snowboarding 

• Snowshoeing  


Outsourcing Classes: A special Feature of Davinci Distance program. Davinci offers free, community classes created specifically for our distance students in things like martial arts, swimming, gymnastics, rock climbing, etc. Students have the opportunity to take 1-2 classes each semester and love the extra out-of-school learning time with their friends. Tuition is free with enrollment in our program. 


Support Team: Parent Support Nights: Parents in our school and community will be invited to enjoy an evening of adult conversation on a variety of educational, behavioral, and parenting topics that are relevant to schooling your child at home. Topics will be decided upon by the families. Listen to what's working for others and share your experiences with us so we can all grow together as teachers.  


 Field Trips: 

A variety of educational field trips are offered every other Friday at a discounted price for parents to attend with their children. The entire family is welcome! Big events are also scheduled throughout the year that will allow our families time to get to know each other and build a sense of community.  


Program Info:


We do enroll all throughout the year and it is a lottery based enrollment. The packet must be complete to accept new students. And can be found here:    Copies of your student's birth certificate and immunizations can be sent to Carla Deuel at . 

Please let me know if you have any other questions,

Jesslynn Anderson, M.Ed.

Director of Virtual & Distance Programs

DaVinci Academy

801-710-1424 (Call or Text)