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Mr. Cryder
Paul Cryder
Secondary Math Teacher
Faculty - Secondary Program

Paul Cryder is the 7th and 8th grade math teacher for Davinci Academy.  He has been a teacher since 2002.


Mr. Cryder grew up in Riverside, California.  He graduated in 1994 from high school and then attended a local community college before going to Honduras on an LDS mission.  After returning, he completed an Associate's Degree in Science.  He then attended Cal State San Bernardino where he completed a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies,  a teaching certification program and a Master's Degree in Language, Literacy and Culture.  While in college, he met his wife, Jill, who currently works at Middle D as a special education paraprofessional.


After graduating from college, he began working as an elementary teacher.  He then moved to Arizona in 2005 and began teaching middle school.  While in Arizona, he also worked as a high school adviser, athletic director, tech specialist, and assistant principal.  He is the father of ten children.


He moved to Utah last year and joined the Davinci team so that he and his wife could attend Utah State and complete advanced graduate degrees.  

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