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Staff Profile

Mr. Lemon
Kevin Lemon
Department Head Secondary English Teacher
Faculty - Secondary Program

Kevin Lemon is the English Department Head at DaVinci Academy. He currently teaches 8th Grade English, Creative Writing, Psychology and AVID. He is also the advisor for the school’s literary journals, Hyperbole, and the newly created, Dirge. He has taught at DaVinci since 2009.

Kevin grew up in Willard, where his family owned a fruit farm and ran Grammy’s Fruitstand. He managed the farm from 2003 – 2015, when he decided to leave the farming business behind in order to spend more time with his wife and two children.

During high school, he detested his English classes and planned on being a computer programmer, where he would never have to find the noun in a sentence ever again. This changed when he was forced to take English 2010. Learning that English was more than diagraming sentences transformed his life. English was about creation, expression, imagination and the power of words. He wished he would have had a High School English teacher like Professor Watanabe, who encouraged free expression, analysis and debate.

Still, he originally graduated from Weber State University with a Social Science Teaching Composite Degree and began his career as a Social Science instructor, teaching History, Political Science and Geography at a private school in Salt Lake City. During this time, he decided to return to college and enrolled in the newly formed Masters of English Literature program at Weber State University. He received his Master’s in December 2008, graduating with top honors.

Outside of DaVinci, Kevin enjoys the outdoors. He is an avid hiker and rock climber and, when he can afford it, snowboarder. He also enjoys playing and refurbishing guitars, building things with his hands, writing short stories, learning the secrets of the universe and spending weekends taking his children on adventures (or watching whatever cartoon they currently love).

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