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Mr. Gatica
Alex Gatica
Geography, Spanish and Guitar teacher

Alex Gatica teaches Spanish, Geography, and Guitar at DaVinci Academy. This is his first year at DaVinci.


Alex grew up in a family where Spanish was used frequently, but was not taught to the kids. He took Spanish in middle school and did horribly. Alex graduated from Lehi High School in 2009, where he participated in jazz band, orchestra, film, Yearbook, and Debate Team. After high school, Alex lived in Bolivia for a few years, in which he finally became fluent in Spanish. He liked learning languages so much that he decided to become fluent in Portuguese too. After Bolivia, he decided to live in Taiwan for a while and became conversational in Mandarin Chinese. He graduated from Weber State University with a Bachelors of Spanish and from Utah State University with a Master of Second Language Teaching. 


Before coming to DaVinci, he taught Spanish and Portuguese at Utah State University. He has also taught English in Taiwan and China and taught a Mandarin Chinese class at Utah State, Eastern for summer school. 


In his free time, Alex enjoys watching movies, weight lifting, and saving kittens from trees. 

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